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At Smart IQ  activity based learning is the central theme to our pedagogue. We strongly believe that activity based learning ignites the spirit learning in young kids minds and provides them a joyful experience. It is observed that visualization and activity based learning put more impact than textual method.


The various type of activites followed by curriculum are : 

1 . Teaching Aids Based Activities :logo-simple

Our complete course plan accompanies a host of advanced teaching aids, which provides a hand of learning to the child. As per the standardrequirement every Smart IQ  Pre School maintaaines all the required Teaching Aids and every teacher has been thoroughly trained on them.

2 . Role Play Activities :

Role Play Activities are an important aspect of any pre school learning.Curriculum includes many role play activities that are designed to promote the social and emotional devdlopment in the child. The Role Play Activities includes activities related to kitchen manners, dining manners etc. which are shared with the pa

rents for better co-ordination.

3 . Theme Days Activities :


Smart IQ  Pre – School follows a theme based curriculum, where different theme days are celebrated in the pre school to rein force the topics taught in the class room. 

The theme days includes colour days, festival days, animal days, bird days and many more.


4 . Indoor & Outdoor Activities :

At Smart IQ  Pre – School the entire curriculum has been structured to provide extensive indoor & outdoor activities. These activities have been designed to implement multidimensional learning objectives such as social and emotional development, academic skills,cognitive skills, fine and gross motor skills.

5 . Digital Content Based Activities :

We are living in the times of digital age, hence it is pertinent that technology based education is incorporated in the pre school. The Smart IQ Pre – School’s curriculum is completely digitized with high definition digital videos and interactive applications. The digital content includes colourful 3D/2D animations, playful rhymes and interactive applications which help the child to learn things in more easier and interesting way, that simulates the five senses of a child.RenderedImage (6)RenderedImage (1) RenderedImage (2) RenderedImage (3) RenderedImage (4) RenderedImage (5)