To start a Smart IQ  Pre – School , one needs to start as a unit franchisee. As a unit franchisee, you are required to invest a certain amount. Based upon the location and size of the facility, this amount will vary from 2.5 to 5 lakhs, which makes us the most cost effective pre – school chain to start with.Strength in Numbers

1 . Financials : 

The investment covers following items :

a . Non – refundable franchisee fees.

b . Ambience as per standardized design.

c . Furniture and fittings.

d . Equipment and educational materials.

e . Marketing collaterals/advertisements.

f . Staff and Man – Power.

screenshot  2 . Site Specification : 

   a . A minimum of 1000 sq.feet built area.

   b . Ground floor premises (pre ferable).

   c . Good residential location (pre ferable).

  3 . Terms of Association : 

   a . Agreement is for the tenure of 10 years.

   b . Renew based on mutual agreement.

   c . 10 % royalty appercable.

   d . Unit wise exclusivity.