1 . Vast experience in the education sector due to association with different education sector and people.

2 . Investment wise, most cost effective pre-school chain to start.computer-education-franchise-global

3 . Pre-school facilities as par with the International play schools.

4 . Works on a proven business model.

5 . Complete curriculum in the digital format to promote new age learning.

6 . Continuous updates on current educational development.

7 . Our own books and publication.

8 . Complete curriculum developed by in-house education experts.  

USP of starting Smart IQ  :

low Investement ILow investment :

Low investment for the beginner which indicate Low Risk Factor.






sch-network​ Multi Layer Support System :

 Our Multi Layer Support System enable you to do different business under the  same roof.



          Quick ROI :A-Quick-Way-To-Increase-Your-ROI-

As your multi layer support system help you in getting different source of revenue .So it becomes very easy for you to get your returns on investments witin a year or two.


profits ii High Profits (HIGHEST POSSIBLE RETURN) :

 You can get here the high profits as you will be doing many other extra curicular  activity along with the Smart IQ Pre-School Programmeand for that you need not        have to invest on it.


Recession Proof Busines :recession-proof-promo

The Indian education system is one of the largest in the world. The private education sector is estimated to reach US $ 70 billion by 2013 and US $ 115 billion by 2018. With such a vast growth opportunity, Smart IQ  Education provides an open opportunity to be the past revolutionary product line.Our products will expose you to the biggest consumer segment available, the students community. With huge margins and vast growth potential, Smart IQ  poduct will boom your profits like never before.

Recession Proof II Revenue On Recurring Basis :

 Every year you can increase your business and retain your previous year            business. This is really awin-win situation for you.


Largest PossibleTatget :Business Graph with arrow and coins showing profits and gains

Largest Possible Target Segment to deal with education sector has the largest possible consumer segment.