IDaa Learning :

iDaa’s e-content material is specially designed and developed to suit to the needs of the children in learning the concepts more meaningfully and for better understanding and application in day to day life situation.

The following are the salient features of our product :1

The material consists of concepts and activities which encourage the children to :

  • Explore their creativity.
  • Nurture their brains.
  • Emphasize the concepts and
  • Learn with fun.

Every lesson begins with an introduction followed by objectives before starting the actual chapter.

You will be happy to navigate with a specially desined HELP FILE, which is fully child / user friendly and desiged to help you navigate the course using various “icons”present on the screen.

Our e-content includes different sections namely LESSON followed by activity, Quiz, picture gallery, glossary, an interesting section to the children by name Do you know & finally Games and puzzles.

Activities :

Each chapter consists of the activities pertaining to every lesson of the course.2

There are various activities that test what you learnt through the course through assessment tools like match the following & fill in the blanks with the appropriate answer.

Quiz :

This section consists of brain teasing questions from various topics.However, at the end of the assessment, your final score along with a feedback would appear on the screen.

Picture Gallery :

This picture gallery acts as an reminiscent of the journey of your learning through the course as it portrays pictures of a few characters and scenes from many chapters you made your journey of learning. You need to select the picture you want to view in full screen from the array on the left.

Glossary :

Glossary section helps the children to look for different words or jargons used anywhere in the course which difficult to understand. Words starting from the same letters are put together so as to refine your search and learn better.

Do you know :

The most interesting of all is the section “Do you know”. When clicked it takes you to the world of facts. Tese facts not just add to the process of acquiring knowledge but also spread awareness and help the child to understand the environment we live in.

Games and Puzzles :

Games / Puzzles section presents you brain teasers like zig zaw, cross-words, word search etc. in order to provide healthy entertainment.

Finally :

Utmost care has been taken to see that children will not only enjoy their learning but also learn sientifically with reasoning. We are sure that our e-content would definitely be of great source of inspiration.