It is my pleasure to welcome you to SMART IQ EDUCATION WORLD , where your child will receive the best quality instruction , care and attention.
With our unique style of Teaching and emphasis on hands-on-activities, we help your children develop strong academis skills ,Higher concept knowledge, Personality and spoken ability Skills ,  earn better grades and score higher on standardized tests, while gaining confidence, motivation and improved concentration .
We believe that more than 80% of the student’s today don’t have interest on study and are forced to study by some or other mean by us .
More over today’s students are developed like book worm who does not have the Fundamental Concept knowledge but are running behind scoring Marks due to which we can see that most of the CBSE Student’s  from last five or six years after the introduction CCE pattern  are  unable to click in IIT and Medical and their capability to study had also reduced to half when compared with us .
So at SMART IQ we try to emphasis on this factor by using innovative , unique and concept orientated method  so that your child have a great future . 
Its my pleasure to invite you to visit us today and see First-hand our dynamic learning system in action . Your children will be glad that you did . 
Please , feel free to contact me on any queries you might have of our company . 
Mr. B.R Dash 
Directors SMART IQ Education .